DX Online Services

Explanation of 'Online Services' menu options:

Customer Login:

This menu option is used by DX's DM6 Lite customers to access their 'Online' facilities

Logistics Login:

This menu option is used by DX's Pacemaker customers to access their 'Online' account

d2h Order Book:

This option is used by DX's Deliver2Home customer to access their 'Online' account

Technology Overview:

Head Of DX IT Mike Sherry explains the technology used at DX, the systems DX staff use and the different 'Online' options IT design for our customers to use.

Read about our FREE Online Services which include:- DM6 Lite, POD Tracking, Historic POD e-mailing service, Claims facilities & Online Collection screen.

  • View information about our NightTrak and DM6 Pro systems and download our Online Services & Technical guides 
  • Read about our IT Customer Support team and contact details.

DX offer Electronic Invoicing

Customers who wish to take advantage of electronic invoicing need simply to Click Here and complete the form or contact the Commercial Department at Crestwood House, Birches Rise, Willenhall, West Midlands WV13 2DB (e-mail address: commercial@DXfreight.co.uk)

DX Parcels

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