Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get / view my proof of deliveries?

Online, using our Proof of Delivery (POD Tracking) facility

Who do I contact at my local Depot if I need more help?

Contact your Customer Care or General Manager at your local depot

I have a Despatch Manager question, who should I call?

Call the IT Support desk on (0151) 649 0011

Can you tell me what services you offer to a certain postcode?

Please visit our page to find out When & Where We Deliver

Who do I call if I need a collection from another part
of the country?

Customer Care can make arrangements for a collection - please visit our Online Collections page

What is my insurance cover and where do I find
the information?

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions page

Can you advise me on packaging?

Our recommendations can be found on our Packaging Guidelines page

Can I check online that my parcels have arrived?

Yes. Please visit our Proof Of Delivery (POD Tracking) page

Where can I give feedback on your service?

Please visit our Contact Us page where you will find a form that allows you to do this

What can I expect from the Customer Care Department?

Please see our Customer Care Charter

Can you tell me what services you offer over Easter and other National holidays?

You can find this information on our Where & When We Deliver page

How do I check out a price?

Our Customer Care team at your local depot will be pleased to assist you

Who will be looking after my account?

Your account will be administered by a dedicated local sales manager based at your local depot

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